A highly qualified engineering team is utilizing state of the art technology in modeling and simulation to constantly develop and optimize our design concept. The process simulation software packages are continuously updated and fine-tuned to ensure a close match between simulation and reality. Our Extruder and Die head design concept is the result of extensive simulation and analysis combined with rigorous field testing under actual production conditions. The compact and modular design of our systems facilitates for future upgrade of the complete extrusion line.

Our design concept facilitates for maintainability and traceability. This is of utmost importance in later phases of product life cycle. We need to ensure to our customers that they will always find spares and upgrades in short time and with reasonable investment.

This increases system reliability and sustainability. Additionally it decreases further capital investment as there will be no need for major modifications for the targeted upgrade.


Spare parts

We understand the needs of our customers in the industrial sector. Response time and strict quality adherence are key issues in the manufacturing sector