Shouman machinery offers an engineering based manufacturing service. Our application engineers will examine your problem or your improvement need and will accordingly develope a complete proposal for your manufacturing needs. The technology engineers, in turn, will define the most suitable sequence of operation, and hence, prepare the manufacturing process sheet which will include a complete description of the material, tooling, jigs and fixtures and labor needed to manufacture the product.

The finished product will then go through the quality control depatment, a team of qualified engineers and technicians utilizing the most advanced test and measurement techniques will check the product conformance to highest standards of quality. Only top quality parts are allwed to pass while non-conforming parts are rejected.



Being an equipment manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience, enables us to provide our customers with complete package solutions. Either a minor modification in your production line or the supply of a turnkey project, the process follows the same systematic approach to ensure all the operational requirements are carefully considered.
A group of Experienced process engineers will thoroughly examine and analyze the operationl requiremebts and will come up with a design concept the completely satisfies the pre-stated specification. Once the design is approved, the planning depatment will carry out the responsibility of scheduling, routing, and dispatching different parts, modules and components in the workshop. Once parts are finished and checked for conformance they head to assembly hall where everything is put together. The finial live test run is an integral part of our quality policy, every piece of equipment must continously run under extreme operating conditions to ensure trouble-free operation.



Our top priority is to provide our customers with top quality and cost effective spare parts with minimum lead time. We understand the nature of the business, therefore, we strive to keep the downtime of our customers as low as possible. Most standard spare parts are available in stook, while special parts are dispatched to production upon order placement. The huge production capacity and the computer based production planning system ensure qick and effcient response to our customers needs.

The steel used in critical parts is special alloy steel heat-treated to withstand the most demanding operating conditions.
Our quick response and the availability of spare parts reduce the down time of our customers machinery.


Spare parts

We understand the needs of our customers in the industrial sector. Response time and strict quality adherence are key issues in the manufacturing sector