Shouman machinery produces all the critical components and parts in-house. This ensures full control on quality as well as lead time. We are operating a modern CNC workshop with fully automated computer controlled production stations. The possibility to perform 5-axes machining operations gives the design team endless options for process optimizations.

All the surface treatment and surface finishing operations are also performed in-house. An integral part of the production system is the Quality Control department. All produced parts are 100% tested to ensure readiness for final assembly.

All our production machines are regularly checked and calibrated to ensure top-performance at all times.


The production process follows a strict sequence starting with generating the relevant production documents and process sheets. The process sheet is basically a detailed description of all machining operations that will be performed on the work piece. The work piece goes through different production stations with intermediate quality control between each two machining operation.

Finally the finished work piece is checked and eventually approved for dispatch to final assembly.


Spare parts

We understand the needs of our customers in the industrial sector. Response time and strict quality adherence are key issues in the manufacturing sector